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A Stand for your life mask
lets you display on any flat surface

This life mask stand can display your life mask on your desk, bookshelf, mantel, counter or any flat surface. I designed it for displaying life masks from House of Masks but it will work on any life mask in your collection. Here it is shown displaying the George Reeves life mask. 
Here it is shown displaying the Hitchcock life mask. The masks simply hang on the extending screw at the top of the upright. If your mask is in a place where it will not be bumped thats all there is to it. I Have a Taylor as Cleopatra on a pedestal next to a door. In this case I used a ball of filled epoxy putty at the top and the bottom securing it to the stand. Then I glued the stand to the pedestal. unless the pedestal is toppled Cleopatra is very safe.
The stand is made from wood and finished in gun metal black. it has felt pads on the bottom so it will not scratch surfaces.
  • It is aproximatly 2 pounds unpacked. 

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    "The Stand lets you display your masks in an infinite variety of ways"