Abraham  Lincoln  Bust
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Made from the 1860 Life Mask

Abraham Lincoln(1809-1865) President (1861-1865) Abraham Lincoln is regarded as one of our greatest presidents. The original cast for this was taken in 1860 by Lenord Volk. Of this process, letting plaster heat up and harden on his face and then being pulled off with some of his hair Lincoln stated "It was anything but agreeable". When Lincoln saw the final bust he declared it "The Animal himself". Volk took the cast to use as a model for the Statue of Lincoln at the Illinois state Capital in Springfield.
This cast has always been considered by sculptors and artists the most reliable document of Lincoln's face, and far more valuable than photographs, for it is the actual form. Sculptor Erick Erickson took the life mask as an exact impression of Lincoln's face and sculpted the hair, beard, eyes, and even skin texture and detail.
Abraham Lincoln Bust sculptured Life Mask Abraham Lincoln Bust sculptured Life Mask

Abraham Lincoln Bust sculptured Life Mask
He then set the head in a downward Glance like that of the Lincoln Memorial. Also Abraham Lincoln's inaugural suite has been sculpted so you can see every stitch. The amazing detail is what makes this so real.
The result is now when you look at this work of art it is Abraham Lincoln just as he was at the age of 52 during the moment of his inauguration.
Now you can own this wonderful and affordable life size bust of our sixteenth president. It would be great for your home, office, school, public building or library. It serves as an inspiration to all.

The mask is cast in Ultra Cal, the hardest Gypsum product available It is  then finished in Bronze color , rubbed with an antiquing overlay to bring out the detail and then sealed to protect it. The Bust measures 14" High X 11" Wide X 6 3/4" Deep and  is approximately 14 pounds unpacked.
Lincoln can stand on a counter, bookshelf, desk or mantel or it can be hung on the wall and comes with a screw to do it.


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