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  BELA LUGOSI (1882-1956) Bela Lugosi came from Hungary in 1921. In 1927 he stared in Dracula on the Broadway stage. He took his role to Hollywood in 1931. He made a career playing the role of the Prince of Darkness for the rest of his life.
Bela Lugosi Life Mask
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Closeup of Bela Lugosi Life Mask
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Life Mask of Bela Lugosi
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The cast for this mask was taken for the final special effects scene for the 1943 Columbia Pictures presentation Return of the Vampire. They needed to create a wax face of Lugosi so that after he had a steak driven through his heart ,the sun light got him and melted his face. It's a great scene and you can see his eyeball as his face melts away. Bela Lugosi was 61 when the cast was taken from his face. It has been enhanced and restored to accurately depict the scene from the film.  The ears and hair have been replaced.
    The finnished piece is cast in USG's Tuf-Cal gypsum cement, it is fiber filled and has polymer additves to assure it will last forever.
    This mask is finished in Silver Screen Silver rubbed with an antiquing overlay to bring out the detail. Then it is sealed to preserve it. This is a full scale 1 to 1 cast. Each mask comes with hanging instructions and the screw.
     Add this piece of Hollywood memorabilia to YOUR collection.
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