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Charles Laughton Bust as Quasimodo sculptured Life Mask
 CHARLES LAUGHTON (1899- 1962 ) Laughton received his training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. His first American film was The old Dark House 1932. Laughton then got raves for The Devil and the Deap 1932. He  won an Oscar for The Private Life of Henry VIII in 1932. My favorite is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 1939. Towards the end of his body of work he and his wife Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein) both got Oscar nominations for Witness for the Prosecution 1958.

This mask is enhanced to create a very impressive display. THIS IS AMAZING.
    The cast from LAUGHTON'S face has been sculpturally enhanced by artist Erick Erickson to faithfully recreate the make up effects in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The head is set forward and cocked .He penetrates you with the stare from his one good eye.
Ears, hair and prosthetics have been added. Laughton's incarnation of Quasimodo is the best. His range of moods as the character are perpetually believable. Laughton  IS the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
The Hunchback Sculptured Bust of Charles Laughton

EACH SCULPTURE IS SIGNED AND NUMBERED BY THE ARTIST.    The finnished piece is cast in USG's Tuf-Cal gypsum cement, it is fiber filled and has polymer additves to assure it will last forever.
    This sculpture is finished in black and white so it looks like the film.
Then it is rubbed with an antiquing overlay to bring out the detail.
The piece is then sealed with a clear coat to preserve the finish.
Each sculpture comes with hanging instructions and the screw.Great for a Home Theater Room.
    The sculpture is a full scale 1 to 1 cast and measures 11 inches by 8 inches and is 7 inches deep.


Full-Size Sculptures by Artist Erick Erickson
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