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    This is an enhanced life mask to honor BORIS KARLOFF in the role of THE MONSTER from the film BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Karloff recreated his most famous role for the second time in the Bride of Frankenstein. How did the great Jack Pierce vary the make up for the Bride Film? There are many differences that you can see in this mask. The first is the burn scar on the right cheek from the final sequence of the burning mill in Frankenstein . Another difference is the brain has easy access. An open wound goes almost ear to ear across the top edge of the head. It is kept closed by 2 large metal clips on the forehead and a bunch of smaller staples. His hair is matted on the top and sides of his head and does not come down over the forehead. This reveals more dead flesh. Also, the forehead scar is jagged like a lightning bolt and not a slit.  Karloffs age also determines the look of Frankenstein in The Bride of Frankenstein.
Boris Karloff Bride of Frankenstein Bust sculptured Life Mask
Boris Karloff Bride of Frankenstein Bust sculptured Life Mask
Boris Karloff Bride of Frankenstein Bust sculptured Life Mask
    This started as an actual life mask taken from the face of Boris Karloff in the 30s.  It has been sculpturally enhanced by artist Erick Erickson to duplicate the Make up effects created by Jack Pierce. This creates an accurate historic display that is very impressive. Great for a Home Theater Room.
  BORIS KARLOFF (1887-1969) Born William Henry Pratt , Boris Karloff made The Bride of Frankensteinin 1935. See and touch every unique detail of the FRANKENSTEIN. It's like having him there with you. It's fun to study every pore, wrinkle, and scar of the worlds most famous monster.
    The mask is cast in Tuf-Cal a fiber filled Gypsum cement with polymer additives.
    This mask is finished in Silver Screen Silver rubbed with an antiquing overlay to bring out the detail. The mask is ready for hanging and comes with the hardware to do it. Each mask is full scale 1 to 1.
  Add this piece of Hollywood memorabilia to YOUR collection.
  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "YOU GO,,,,,,,,, WE BELONG DEAD !!!"

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