Boris Karloff (1887 - 1969 ) Born Willam Henry Pratt. This Sculpture is made over an actual life mask cast of Boris Karloff. It is to honor him as the monster from the film Frankenstein. I also offer Karloff as the monster from The Bride of Frankenstein and the Son of Frankenstein . Compare and collect them all. The Jack Pierce make up varies in many ways from film to film. This the original presentation of Karloff as the monster is more guant, the cheeks are more hollow. When I was a kid my Dad used to tell me "Son , Karloff was so dedicated to the part of the Monster that he had all of his molars removed so he would look dead." Well after studying the Monster for this project I see it on Karloffs right side but not his left. (I think perhaps he took out his Bridge. sorry Dad) In Frankenstein Karloffs forhead is a little higher. He has Bangs and just one big clip on the left to hold the brain in. When Frankenstrin was made (1931) there were no such things as rubber apliances. Jack Pierce had to start fresh every day of shooting and build up layers of cotton and colodion to get the desired effect.So I recreated this faithfully building it up in the same way. Everyday the make up was a little different this representation is the day they took most of the close up stills. The bubbles of cotton are exactly in the same places. Another diference in the monsters makeup is the open gash on the forehead is straight and smaller also the eyes are a little more rolled back.
This started with an actual life cast mask of Boris Karloff taken in the 30s. Then it has been sculpturaly enhanced by me Erick Erickson. The Hair ears and makeup have been added to create a very deadlike display.

The original detail of the historic cast has been preserved. So the work of art you get has a direct link to Boris Karloff. It's like having him right there with you. "Friend Goood!!" I am a fan and do what I do with love that you can see in the final work of art. I watched Frankenstein while I sculpted to further infuse the spirit of Boris Karloff.

The finnished piece is cast in USG's Tuf-Cal gypsum cement, it is fiber filled and has polymer additves to assure it will last forever. It measures 11" High X 7" Wide X 5" Deep. It is aproximatly 6 pounds unpacked. It is finished in Black and White. The piece is then sealed with a clear coat to preserve the finish. Each mask comes with hanging instructions and the screw. This mask is one of a LIMITED EDITION signed and numbered by me Erick Erickson the artist. As a Bonus your purchase comes with a signed and numbered CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. Buyer please pays $9.99 Fedex Ground U.S. shipping. Please email me for international rates, I ship world wide. "IT'S ALIVE !!! ,, ALIVE !!!!"