Marlon Brando as the Godfather full color full size Bust
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This is for a full color pro painted life size Bust 

Marlon Brando (1924 - 2004 ) This has been sculpturaly enhanced to represent Brando as the Godfather (1972). As the ageing head of a gangland family, Brando was superb. His portraial of Don Corleone was perhaps the highlight of his career and won him his second Oscar. 
This started with an actual life cast
mask of Marlon Brando.
Then it has been sculpturaly
enhanced by Artist Erick Erickson.
The Hair ears and eye brows
have been added to create a very
lifelike display.
I sculpted the eyes open
showing expresion and added the make up and
the costume. 
It has then been painted by Glenn Rodriguez professional figure painter. 

All of the original detail of the
historic cast has been preserved.
So the work of art you get has
a direct link to Marlon Brando. 
It's like having him right there
with you, making you an offer you can't refuse. 
Erick is a fan and do what I do with
love that you can see in the
final work of art.
Erick watched The Godfather while he sculpted
to further infuse the spirit of
Marlon Brando.

Full-Size Sculptures by Artist Erick Erickson
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The bust is cast in Tuff-cal Gypsum cement
it is fiber filled and has polymer additves to assure it will last forever.

  • It measures 12" High X 9.5 Wide X 5.5 Deep. 
  • It is aproximatly 8 pounds unpacked.
It is profesionaly painted and is ready to display on an optional stand
or it is flat on the back so it can be hung on the wall. 
Each mask comes with hanging instructions and the screw.
Each one is custom made for you so please allow 3 weeks for delivery. 

This mask is one of a LIMITED EDITION 
signed and numbered by Erick Erickson the artist.
As a Bonus your purchase comes with a signed and numbered
The buyer please pays $14.99 for U.S. shipping.
Please email me for international rates, I ship world wide.

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